What’s the best vinyl cutting machine for home in 2019?

best vinyl cutting machineIf you’re interested in getting started with vinyl cutting or craft cutting in general then you’ll be looking for the best vinyl cutting machine on the market.  They aren’t an insignificant purchase so getting the best information about all the options available is essential.  This article will hopefully help you decide which is the best option for you whether you’re planning to make your own t-shirt designs or whether you plan to set up your own vinyl decals business or whether you just want a personal vinyl cutting machine for your home crafts!


Choosing the best vinyl cutting machine for home – what to consider


Things to bear in mind when buying a vinyl cutter machine:

  • what do you want to cut?  Most at home vinyl cutters will cut way more than just vinyl but make sure what you buy will deal with your chosen material well.
  • cost – the more up to date and newest vinyl cutting machines which have all the latest software comes at a price.  If you want to try it out for a lesser cost, perhaps try a slightly older model that still has lots of features.
  • Do you want to design your own images or will you be happy with purchasing pre made dies?  Some of the cheaper options won’t allow you to cut your own designs and of course you’ll need to purchase dies for what you want to do.  Some of the computerized vinyl cutter machines have subscription models to access their library of files.
  • What accessories come as standard?  All of the machines below have extras that you can buy so if you can get any included with your purchase this will be a money saver in the long run.  Look for tools, extra dies or cartridges or perhaps even a pack with different materials to try out.
  • Are spare parts easy to buy?  Are they expensive or not?  Do you need to buy them online or will your local craft store be able to help?
  • Size – finally check the space you have to store your machine since we’re looking at home vinyl cutters.  Some of them are quite large, certainly larger than a printer size so a dedicated space for it in a craft room would be perfect or at least a large cupboard that you could store it in.
  • Computerized or manual?  Do you want simple or do you want the option to do all sorts of cutting?

Vinyl cutting machines are also known by a few other names so don’t get confused if you see them.  They are also known as vinyl die cutting machines, electronic cutting machine, craft cutters, manual die cutting and embossing machines. Some may be slightly different than others – again, check what you want to achieve and be sure it will do what you want before you invest.


Our vinyl cutting machine reviews

I’m sure you’re interested in getting to the answer of the question about which vinyl cutting machine is the best so let’s gets to it.  The following are some of the top rated die cutting machines around at the moment and are my personal favorites (and oh my, I’ve tried lots!):


Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine

The first in my list of top vinyl cutting machines has to be one of the latest Cricut personal cutting machines.  To be honest, they have a wealth of good computerized machines in their range, but I’ve chosen to highlight the latest in the range, the Explore Air 2, as with any of these options getting the latest means you’re getting the latest in technology. (edit – they have brought out a new model now – the Cricut Maker, but I actually prefer this one to the new one)

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is much faster than any of the other machines, and can be used wirelessly too.  It has an app so when you’re waiting in a cafe or for your daughter after school you can be designing your creations ready to make as soon as you get home!

It’s not only a cutter for vinyl, but it can cut a whole range of other materials – cardstock, paper, leather, craft foam.  You can also use a pen in the machine to draw or use it to score.  While I think it’s the best choice for a vinyl cutter machine, it’s just touching the surface of what can be done so if you have grand designs in your head you can’t go wrong.  It’s perfect for cutting decals, stickers, vinyls as well as a host of other craft materials.

It does come at a price though and is one of the more expensive machines – but you’re definitely getting a good product.

Check out the latest price of the Cricut here

Or see my full in depth review here


Silhouette Cameo 3

The main competitor to the Cricut is the Cameo from Silhouette.  It’s another really good machine that has lots of fans online.  The latest model from them is the Cameo 3.

It can cut up to 100 different materials, including vinyl and one thing that I really like about this machine is the automatic blade adjuster.  It will adjust the blade to the correct depth for you and it saves time as well as helping people like me who often forget this step!

Like the Cricut it can be accessed using Bluetooth so you can have wireless capability.  There have been some issues reported with that though, especially using Macs so be aware of that.

What Silhouette seem to excel at is allowing creativity to shine through with their machines.  You can use their studio software to help with designing your projects and it’s great for customising your ideas.


Check out the latest price of the Cameo here

Or see my in depth review here


Brother CM350 Scan N Cut 2

The Brother Scan N Cut is another computerized vinyl cutter that is a competitor of both Silhouette and Cricut.  However I’d say that although it’s comparable, there’s a lot of different things that the Brother can do that isn’t available on the others.

The main thing that it offers is the ability to scan images.  If you want to scan something and then use that image to cut out later then this is perfect as it will do everything in the one machine.  You can purchase an extra for the cameo to be able to do this, but you’ll get it all included with the Scan N Cut.  It is also a good stand alone machine which doesn’t need to be connected to a computer if you don’t want it to be or it can be connected using wireless capability.

One thing to note with this option is that there is a slight higher cost for things that might need replaced like the blades or the cutting mats than you might pay with the other brands.  It is comparable with the initial cost but of course, ongoing costs need to be taken in to account.

All in all it’s a really good option and if you want to scan your own designs you’ll definitely want this one.

Check out the latest price of the Scan N Cut here

Or see my in depth review here


Sizzix Big Shot Plus

This machine and the one mentioned below are different beasts than the computerized options above.  They are manual die cutting machines which allow you to cut through all sorts of different materials from cardstock to vinyl to even balsa wood.  Simply place your die and material on the plate and use the handle to feed it through and out will come your cut project.  It’s very simple in how it works which can be perfect for someone who doesn’t want the fiddly computerized counterparts.

These are perfect if you want to get in to scrapbooking and card making as well as vinyl cutting.  They not only cut, but they can also do embossing of materials too.

The Big Shot Plus is one of the largest in the range of die cutting machines from Sizzix with a 9 inch plate and it can use almost all of the Sizzix dies that are available (not the Bigz Pro size ones).  The options are huge with this machine and lots that you can do with it – of course you’ll need to buy dies to use with it though.

If you’re looking for a die cutting machine that isn’t electronic I think this is the best manual die cutting machine around.

Check out the latest price here


Spellbinders Platinum Die Cutting machine

Again, this is another manual vinyl cutter machine and it works in a similar way to the Sizzix above.  It will cut vinyl as well as a range of other materials too such as paper, cotton or even thin metal.  It will do embossing as well so again if you’re looking for a machine that you can also use for scrapbooking or a good papercutting machine this is great for you.

It’s quite a heavy machine this one so would be more suited to if you have a dedicated space.

You will again need to buy dedicated dies to use with this machine, none of which come with the machine on it’s own, but can be purchased fairly inexpensively from craft stores or from Amazon.

Check out the latest price of this product here


I hope you enjoyed this vinyl cutting machine buyer guide and found it helpful in narrowing down all the options available to you!  Looking for the best machine for vinyl cutting can be tough but oh so worth it in the end!


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