Tips for how to clean a Cricut mat – or any cutting mat!

If you’re using an electronic cutting machine like a Cricut then you’ll know all about the mat that comes with it and is used for placing your paper and material on to.  You’ll also know that it can easily pick up lint and fluff after a few uses and really needs a good clean before using it again – so do you clean a cutting mat?  These tips apply to not only the Cricut mats but any of the cutting mats that come with your cutting machines.

  1. Always use the specialist tools to lift your papers from the mats – these can help to keep the mat looking good for longer.
  2. Soapy water is the best and most simple way to clean the mats and should also make them sticky again.
  3. Alcohol free baby wipes are also another good option.
  4. keep on top of your cleaning.  If you leave it then the residues will build up and you’ll need to resort to tougher cleaning products.
  5. If you do find that you need a stronger solution – try something like Goo Gone, but be careful not to leave on the mat for too long.

If your mat is beyond help, has lost all stickiness and is not a pleasure to use any more what are the options?  Well the most simple one is to purchase a replacement from your local craft store or from Amazon.  If you’re worried about your machine, and let’s face it they are not an insignificant investment, then this is what I suggest doing.  Any attempt to make your mats sticky again using adhesives might ruin your machine and make any warranty void – do so at your own peril!

The other option is to try and add the sticky layer again.  It’s not something I recommend to be honest and it’s fiddly but if budget is a concern to you then it’s worth trying out.  Use a spray adhesive all over the mat and let dry.  This should work but it’s really a short term solution that’s a bit hit and miss.  If you’ve done it and had something that worked do let me know in the comments so that our readers can gain from your knowledge!

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