Spellbinders platinum review – a good die cutting machine?


Manual die cutting machines have a place in every craft room, especially if you like to do more than cut and you like to do embossing of cards and paper.    They are also really good for cutting heavier materials such as fabric and felt.  Today I’m sharing with you my Spellbinder Platinum review – I hope you find it helpful if you’re thinking about buying this die cutting machine.

Our Spellbinders platinum review

The Spellbinders Platinum is definitely one of the better manual die cutting machines around.  Why?  Because it’s such a sturdy bit of kit and that is such an important aspect of a manual embosser and cutter.  If you’ve ever used a manual die cutter before you’ll know that in order for them to cut, you need to have some pressure on the dies.  It just really helps to have a strong bit of kit to do that and the Platinum rises to the occasion on that score.

The die cutter machine has solid steel inner workings which allows you to get the right pressure working with your dies whether you’re embossing, cutting or scoring.  I’m absolutely convinced this machine would last a long time which given the strength that it works at is saying something!  It has a really strong cutting pressure – exactly what you need.

Another thing I really like about the Spellbinders Platinum?  It folds up so easily.  Now this might not seem like a deal breaker in the grand scheme of things but if, like me, you are a little short on space in your crafting area you will really appreciate the way it folds up and can either be stored or placed to one side while you work on something else.  We all like a little more space in our craft area and these cutting machines can really take up some space!


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Can easily cut 8 layers of material at a time

The Spellbinder Platinum embossing machine can use Contour steel rule dies and if you use these it gives the machine the capability of cutting up to 8 layers of material at one time.   This is great if you have projects that require lots of the same shape being cut and can really save you time and effort.

Can cut 40 different materials

As well as being great for cutting paper and cardstock, as you’d expect these machines to be able to do, it also can cut over 40 different materials as well.  That includes fabric, leather, felt, balsa wood and vinyl.  Bare in mind that some of the heavier materials need the Contour steel rule dies to work though, however if you invest in these you have yourself a powerhouse of a machine.  You can see an example of the contour steel dies in the image above or by clicking here.

Features and specification

  • can be used with most dies, embossing and texture plates including Sizzix and Cuttlebug
  • Large selection of dies available from Spellbinders
  • wide 8.5″ platform
  • can cut 6-6 layers in one go with Contour steel rule dies
  • Solid steel core
  • Strong cutting pressure
  • 1 year warranty
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What others have to say

As well as giving my own thoughts I really like to look round the internet to get a different view of what people have said about this machine and to give a more rounded view.

What I’ve found is that Spellbinders seem to have quite a fan base and it’s actually a fairly popular machine.  It is praised for cutting really well and being easy to use.  If you want something simple then it would be a great option.

I have seen a few downsides and one of the main negatives about this product is the fact that in order to do take advantage of the bigger base that the Spellbinders Platinum sells itself on you need to buy the bigger plates – they aren’t included in the base package.  Another is that due to the strong cutting pressure it can be hard to turn the crank.

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Overall, if you’re looking for a simple but good manual cutting and embossing machine you’ll get all you need from the Spellbinders Platinum die cutter.  It’s easy to use, works well with lots of different dies available and folds away – what more could you want?  Hmm, maybe the bigger plates to come as standard!
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