Sizzix Big Shot Plus review


When it comes to manual embossing and cutting machines, Sizzix is one of the biggest players in the market.  They have improved on their massively popular Big Shot cutter with this slightly larger version.  I hope you find the Sizzix Big Shot Plus review useful and that it will help you decide whether it’s the right die cutter for you.

Our Sizzix Big Shot Plus review

The Sizzix Big Shot Plus is like a big sister to the Big Shot that is such a popular product in the Sizzix range already.  It looks almost exactly the same but has a much bigger platform to it and as such can take much larger sheets of paper, cardstock or whatever other materials you like to use.

The Big Shot Plus takes up to 8.5″ x 11″ sizes so you’ll find it may well increase the amount of projects you can take on and have a go with.

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Smooth and easy to feed with a comfortable handle

The Big Shot Plus has a really smooth operation which is great.  I always find that if it’s not smooth I’m wondering what I’ve done wrong!  It’s really easy to feed your sandwich of plates, material and dies through on the plate too.  The handle of the turn crank is really comfortable, they’ve definitely thought about the design with this.

It’s a really sturdy machine with a steel core but it’s also quite simple and easy to move around so if you want to take it out with you you can do.  It is bulky but if you can cope with that it’s quite portable!

Works with other branded dies

The Sizzix Big Shot Plus works with many other branded dies that you can get in your local craft shop or that you might already own.  I have quite a few from past years and they all work really well.

Features and specification

  • can be used with most dies, embossing and texture plates
  • can take 8.5″ x 11″ materials
  • Solid steel core and very sturdy
  • Portable
  • Sturdy enough for small business use
  • 3 year limited warranty
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What others have to say

As always I search the internet for more info on what people are saying about this product.

The positives of the Big Shot Plus are definitely the size increase from the previous, smaller Big Shot variant.  It can handle much larger sheets of card and paper so that then increases what you can make from it.

Similarly, the negatives are also focussed on the size increase!  Some people feel that it is just way too bulky and much harder to use than the smaller Big Shot.

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Overall, if you’re looking for a good manual cutting machine you’ll get it with a Sizzix.  The Big Shot Plus has many good points and I love that I can now do bigger and better projects with it.  If you think that you won’t want the larger size then you can go for the smaller version quite happily – it’s also excellent as the reviews state!
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