Cricut Easy Press review

If you’re doing any kind of t-shirt decal printing then you’ll know how important a good press is to ensure your new design fixes nicely to your clothes or other material.  Of course you could just use your home iron for this but I want to introduce you today to something which is so much better!  It is, of course, the Easy Press by Cricut.  In this article I’ll be looking at what makes this such a good buy and I hope that you’ll find the Cricut Easy Press review helpful in your decision on whether or not to buy.

Cricut Easy Press – our review

So what makes this so much better than using my standard iron that’s at home?  Well, for a start it’s designed just for the job you’re wanting it to do.  An iron is for ironing.  A press is for pressing.  And the Cricut Easy Press is just for pressing your vinyl t-shirt decals!

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Much better than an iron

An iron centres the heat in one spot and just isn’t designed for the even heat that is required for an iron on decal.  The Easy Press has even heat, distributed all round the body of the press allowing for great results every time.  The fact that there is no steam means the heat is dry which is just what you need.

Large 9″ x 9″ base

The Easy Press has a large base that is 9″ x 9″ in size so quite large, especially if you’re comparing it to a standard iron.  It means that it’s great for larger iron on transfers and big designs.  So whatever you’re dreaming of creating it should be able to help you along!


Extremely sturdy and safe

The design on the Easy Press is extremely safe and I’ve been very impressed by that.  The low and wide design mean that it’s very unlikely to topple over or be knocked off by accident.  There’s a large handle that makes handling the press really simple and there’s also an auto shut off feature too.

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Features and specification of the Cricut Easy Press

  • evenly heated ceramic coated plate
  • 9″ x 9″ sized plate
  • Adjustable heat up to 350℉ (180 C)
  • Timer
  • home friendly design – perfect for craft rooms
  • safety base


What others have to say about the Cricut Easy Press

I was super excited for this product to come out and haven’t been disappointed, however I did wonder whether others would share my excitement.  After all, you can just use an iron and save some money can’t you?  Overall, everyone I have spoken to absolutely loves the Easy Press and rates it so much higher than using an iron.

I’ve scoured reviews and the majority of people also agree with this but I have found a few people who prefer the iron over it.  I guess your mileage may vary with it.

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This is a great addition to your craft room if you do any sort of vinyl cutting with a view to adding to clothing as an iron on transfer and especially if you like to do large designs.  If you like to keep your craft items separate to your normal household things it’s a no brainer!




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