Our Brother Scan and Cut 2 review – CM350 ScanNCut

Brother is a well known brand in the printer and scanner space and they also have a pretty fine vinyl cutting machine too – the ScanNCut CM350 machine.  I hope you find this Brother Scan and Cut 2 review helpful and enjoy looking at what it can do.  If you want to see my thoughts on their new vinyl cutter coming September 2017 click here (coming soon).

Our Brother Scan and Cut 2 CM350 review

Brother is well known for it’s advanced technology and they put that knowledge and expertise in to the ScanNCut 2 machine in buckets!

The Scan and Cut 2 machine does so much and to be honest can leave some of the older and more basic cutting machines well in the shade.  It’s the only machine of its kind with an in built scanner so if that’s what is attracting you to this model then you’ll find it’s the one you want to be investing in.

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300 dpi built in scanner

As I just said, the Brother ScanNCut2 is the only vinyl cutting machine on the market right now with an inbuilt scanner.

It has a large 12″ x 12″ scanning/cutting mat that provides ample space to get your design scanned and uses RGB recognition to ensure a good result is obtained.  Once it’s scanned you can then use that design and start cutting the material that you want.  It’s really that simple to use your own creativity.

Stand Alone Capability

Another great feature of the Brother cutting machine is that it does not need to be connected to a computer to be used.  You can scan and save your designs on a USB stick or memory card or just use them straight away.

There’s also a number of built in designs that you can use straight out of the box – just use the LCD display to select the design you want to use.  It includes shapes, borders, quilt pattern fonts and much more.

And although you can use it independently of a PC you might also want to connect it online and you can do that too although you do need to buy an activation card separately and at a further small cost.



Features and specification

  • 300dpi in built scanner with RGB recognition
  • 12″ x 12″ scanning and cutting area
  • 631 built in designs
  • Easy to use LCD display
  • SVG Data readability
  • Precision blade – German made, Japanese design
  • Online Cloud design software – ScanNCutCanvas
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What others have to say

As well as giving my own thoughts I really like to check out the rest of the internet to get a general view of what people have said about this machine and to give a more balanced view.

There are a lot of positive reviews around about the CM350, many people are really pleased with its capability, especially over some of the other machines on the market right now.

The negatives I have found seem to be people who find it slightly complicated to use and a bit of a learning curve.   As always – read the manual and you’ll find that it really helps to get the most out of this machine.

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Overall this is an amazing all round machine that really does so much!  The Brother ScanNCut2 is a great investment if you’re wanting to get into making and cutting your own designs and with all the available tutorials and YouTube videos around for it – you’ll not be short on a project or two to get stuck in to!

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