8 materials you never thought could be used with a vinyl cutter

If you’re new to the world of vinyl cutter machines you’re probably at least familiar with a few of the more common items you can use with them.  The name of them means you’re probably aware you can cut vinyl and you’ve probably seen them used with paper and card stock too.  What else can you use?  Here’s 10 materials you maybe never considered could be used in a vinyl cutting machine:


fabric vinyl cutterMost fabrics can be cut with a cutting machine from lightweight and sheer fabrics to even a heavy wool.  What can you do with this?  Appliqué is certainly something that comes to mind – you could do all sorts of household crafts with fabric shapes!  Perfect for kid crafts too.

Balsa wood

You can cut lightweight and thin woods with a cutting machine – think balsa wood that is normally used in models or even thing veneer sheets.


Leather isn’t too think to be cut either – you’d imagine that it would be too tough but it’s something that could definitely be experimented with!


For something a bit different why not use some old photographs that you no longer want and use the cutter to create something special out of them – it’s a great way of recycling them.

Crepe/Tissue paper

crepe paper vinyl cutterEven thin papers such as crepe or tissue paper can be used in a cutting machine – you can add these to your card designs or make anything you like with them!


Again, thin paper such as vellum or tracing paper can be used in the machine and it can bring your cardmaking to life!

Aluminum foil

This is a new one to me – aluminum foil!  How fun to put in this super thin sheet of metal and be able to cut it in exactly the way you want.  I’ve tried this out for additions to my card making and also to use for crafts for little kids too – they love it.

Oil cloth

Finally this is something that could be used if you have scraps left over after making a table cloth perhaps – what can you imagine this would be good for?  I’m thinking anything that you want to be made wipe clean!




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